"A photograph does not speak, it does not smell, it makes no sound, it does not move, it is just a two dimensional piece of paper, but a good photograph can do at least one if not all of the above"

"My overall view of photography is that it's a fantasy land and a potential dream land ... you have to be in touch with life and outside of societies boundaries to make an impact on society"

"Predictability is the enemy of creativity"

"The key to taking good photographs is that you have to be charged up to the max of your emotional batteries and a combination of sensitivity combined with toughness"

"When you see the shot through the camera, you know that you have missed it"

"To operate a camera is no different than learning how to drive a car. Every camera is the same, it is a tool, which helps you to express yourself, and the most important thing is to satisfy yourself first, as opposed to satisfying others"

"I am against art and photographic schools. I describe photographic schools like putting a ladder against a wall and charging people a high price to climb the ladder and trying to explain to people that when they jump from the roof, they may fly, but most likely they will fall"

"A good photograph is designed to trigger sight and subconsciously and subliminally sight triggers other senses, that inside our head, a good photograph makes that all of our senses are on the go. I am using instinct and continue working on a photograph till when I have achieved this special type of satisfaction which in my mind this photograph, instead of being two dimensional it becomes three dimensional...and has soul"