1. What is it that makes a particular photo interesting to you?

Impact, an image that makes all my senses react


2. What do you like to see in others photos?

The same as above


3. How can in general photographers improve their images?

by living life to the fullest, the most interesting photographers are the ones that live life to the extreme, to be able to feel beyond what you see in front of you...


4. What kind of photos make you yawn?

predictable without any twist


5. Photos are about life, beauty and understanding and although we see things differently, what is important in your photos to give them essence or impact?

soul, my images create an impact because they have soul, I capture life in its rawness


6. How did you discover and develop your unique vision or style?

through life experience, a profound passion for nature, people and experimentation


7. Before you "made it" who were your photography influences?


Helmut Newton


And whose work do you admire today?


Steven Meisel

Ellen Von Unwerth

Javier Vallhonrat

Helmut Newton

Paolo roversi

Cheyco Leidmann

Guy Bourdin


8. When Eryk kicks back(no client work) what does he like to personally shoot?

anything, always depends on my mood, I shoot anything I feel a connection with


9. Each campaign is different however what is the formula you stick to for success?

formula doesn't exist for me, whatever works in that moment.. I am always trying new things and experimenting


10. What type of photography were you shooting at the the beginning?

I started out as a photojournalist in communist Poland... my work today is a reflection of my early days behind the camera capturing raw life experiences.


11. What are the perks you like about your work as a photographer?

travelling, meeting amazing people, meeting unamazing people, money, women, personal satisfaction and being able to express myself through still photography


12. Eryk, I see that in your photos the 'human element' is very much the focus. Is this directed by your clients or is this the key ingredient to communication....having people to identify with?

the key ingredient has always been for me the human element. I am a person who communicates through energy and for me there has to be a connection with myself, the people around me and more importantly what and who I am shooting.


13. Why is it that you have in many campaigns one subject (person) in the shot?

I dont agree with this statement, I shoot whatever I think is appropriate for a campaign. Quite often its the client who wants this and practically perhaps client does not have the budget for many people in a campaign. Also my moto is... less is more


14. Do you offer your clients alternative images to choose from as part of the brief and do you have input in persuading them to choose one over the other?

I am a very persuasive person and people tend to trust my vision. I have always had the ability to create an impact with my images so clients tend to follow me.


15. At school we have been told to shoot to 'the right' or expose to the right with good reason. What key tips can you pass on to budding photographers? (other than expose to the right)

I have never heard of 'shoot to the right' or 'expose to the right' perhaps you can tell me?????


I never trained in a photography school, I am completely self taught and my shooting and post production is a spontaneous process, I have nothing to compare to as I dont feel the need to understand the process from other photographers otherwise my style would not be my own style. I am directed 100% by instinct and spontananity.

I shoot what works and I have no boundaries or special rules which way I shoot, I shoot whatever works. I have no rules in any of my photography work or my own life.


16. Are the lines blurred between photography and art (especially with the use of photoshop)?

till now I cannot find a definition of what art is or isn' however is self expression and my direction are feelings towards the subject of what I shoot